Messing With Perfection? Artist Renders Widebody Porsche 918

Nothing is perfect, but the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Koenigsegg Regera and One:1 are about as close as it gets in the advanced automotive world right now. So why touch them?

  Comments | By - July 8, 2016

Kelly Python Is a Weird and Super-Rare Piece of Mustang History

The Kelly Python is an odd animal that has a bit of mystery behind it. The car holds two stories in its bones: one man’s attempt to replace an icon using outside-the-box technology, and another man’s dream to fill what he thought was a void in the market.

  Comments | By - July 8, 2016

Motor Authority Calmly Reminds You How to Be a Better Driver

Remember, driving isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. So consider this is a public service announcement from the guy driving right behind you.

  Comments | By - June 28, 2016

Special Edition BMW i8 Colorfully Honors Futurist Artist Giacomo Balla

Earlier this year BMW celebrated its 100th birthday with a new concept: the BMW Vision Next, a stunning design study meant to explore what could be headed to your driveway.

  Comments | By - May 17, 2016

Restored Ford Escort MK1 RS2000 is Company You Can Be Proud to Pay For

The Ford Escort nameplate has a pretty diverse history. It debuted (if we exclude the Squire version) in the late ’60s in Europe as a small rear-wheel-drive coupe and became a fantastic little rally car.

  Comments | By - April 28, 2016

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