Scorned Wife Parks on Cheating Husband’s C1 Corvette

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It’s a Bad Idea to Cheat on Your Wife, Especially When You Own a Classic Corvette

This image definitely tops anything we’ve come across at a Walmart parking lot before. And that says a lot, considering the stories detailing some pretty odd occurrences at the popular retail outlet, including everything from all-out fist brawls to an unwarranted vigilante takedown of a legal gun owner.

Still, we imagine that walking out of a Walmart and seeing a Ford Fusion parked on top of a classic Corvette would catch even the most frequent Walmart shopper a bit off-guard.

According to Corvette Blogger, it all started when a woman spotted her husband driving around with another women in the 1959 Corvette. A man named Jason Motz managed to capture some of the aftermath on camera, which he then posted on his Facebook page. You can see the footage below.

We’re sure the ordeal is no laughing matter for anyone involved. But the video certainly has sparked some pretty entertaining comments on Motz’s Faceboook page. We’ve shared a few of them below.

Vegas Dany – “Never take your classic to wmart”

Renee Lindsey – “Confusion in a fusion”

Tim Tomlinson – “Omg I am crying right now that car is worth more than all the cars there put together”

Shea Sluder – “Of course this happened in a Walmart parking lot!!! Wow!!”

Those are just a few. And we suspect that there will be a lot more entertaining comments as the video continues to go viral.

1959 Corvette has a car parked on it! I was corrected on the year of the car by somebody that knows the owner. I corrected it from 58 to a 59. Thanks

Posted by Jason Motz on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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