Nissan Rogue, Almost Better than an X-Wing

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Nissan Rogue

Limited-Edition Star Wars Tie-In Is the Coolest SUV in the Galaxy


If there really is a Santa (sorry about the spoiler, kids), we are asking him for only one thing to appear under our Christmas tree this year. (And it has to be one helluva big tree because what we want is mammoth and hot enough to melt tinsel.)

And just what’s at the top of our ultimate holiday wish-list? The 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One: Star Wars Limited-Edition SUV, of course. The specially-designed sport utility vehicle pays homage to the Star Wars film series and is named after the latest sagaThe specialty Nissan Rogue comes in two distinct versions. One is dedicated to the Rebellion, and the other to the Dark Side.

We got an up-close look at the out-of-this-galaxy SUV a few weeks ago at the L.A. Auto Show. There were few things that could shift our focus from the unveiling. However, the life-size T.I.E. Fighter parked in Nissan’s show space and the display of costumes from some of the films were definitely competing for our attention.


Nissan’s Rouge One is outfitted with the same solid standard specs that you’d get in a regular 2017 Nissan Rogue, including all-wheel drive and a four-wheel anti-lock braking system. The Rogue One doesn’t hit lightspeed but it does crank out some impressive power. Its 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine boasts 170 hp at 6,000 rpm and has 175 lb-ft of torque.

The Rogue One’s interior is big enough to transport a small alliance of five. We’re pretty sure that the independent strut front suspension and independent multi-link rear suspension together with the VDC with traction control system helps during those times spent fighting evil elements, like ice and snow, while enroute to see Rogue One on the big screen.

The best part about the Nissan Rogue One is its unique tip of the helmet to director Gareth Edwards‘ new stand-alone Star Wars film, which opened Dec. 16. The 2017 Rogue One comes in two colors: Glacier White and Metallic Black, which represent the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire, respectively. Both models feature cool iconic Star Wars-related graphics. The black vehicle’s artwork includes tributes to the Empire, and the Rebel rider sports the Rebellion’s firebird logos that identify Luke and Leia’s crew.

Naturally, the bad boys get the best toys. And the Magnetic Black option is one cool grown-ups toy. The monochromatic black and gray interior makes the cockpit, we we mean cab look like the inside if Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter. It has black roof rails and the Empire’s unmistakable badge on the front doors. The Empire version’s D-pillar, tone-on-tone, black 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with all-season tires not only look cool, they also make the ride a lot smoother than riding a tauntaun in snow.

The Star Wars logo rear bumper protector is sporty and practical. It lets motorists behind you know not to even think of tailgating for fear of suffering a hands-free chokehold. Plus, a Bose system makes it easy to drown them out by cranking up some John Williams.

A Warrior’s Vehicle isn’t Complete without Proper Driving Armor


Both versions of the sport utility vehicle have special interior additions that are also from a galaxy far, far away. Inside, the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance’s respective crests are embedded in the floor mats and throughout the cabin. The instantly recognizable symbols also appear on the illuminated kick plates and on the cup holders.

Now, as if all of this wasn’t enough to satiate any hardcore Star Wars fan, Nissan has added one final addition for anyone lucky enough to land one of the 5,000 Rogue Ones that Nissan produced in collaboration with Disney. Available with purchase is a shiny, life-size Death Trooper replica helmet that is cooler than the snow on Hoth.

Each of the Rogue One vehicles has a reasonable sticker price of around$29,000, although Santa reportedly brings them to good boys and girls gratis. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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