Mazda Miata MX-5 Cup Race Car Equipped with Optional Sense of Humor

By - Mazda Miata ND race car MX5 MX-5 Cup

This Mazda Miata race car means business, except when it comes to the stickers.

Mazda brought one of their MX-5 Cup race cars to the Los Angeles auto show this year. A lot of brands bring specialty vehicles to auto shows to sit alongside their regular production vehicle counterparts, that’s nothing new. However, this ND Miata had a special message it wanted to share with everyone who saw it. Can you spot it?

Yes, this Mazda Miata is ready to send it, and it’s not afraid to let everyone in its way know it, either. The hood has a vinyl, written in reverse, that says “GONNA SEND IT!!” Why is it written in reverse? That would be so when this MX-5 Cup racer sneaks up on you form behind, its message is clear to you when you look through the rear-view mirror. From there, the doors on this MX-5 Cup car say “SENDING…” And, naturally, the back of the car has “SENT!!” written on it, because that’s just hilarious.

The rest of the car is standard race car fair: slick tires, a stripped-out interior and a full roll cage as per MX-5 Cup rules. That said, looking at the details is fascinating. Or, at least to us they are. Check it out:

Mazda also brought out a standard ND Miata, which is a very fun little car. However, inbetween those two was a perfect “50/50” shot of the road car and the race car.

Mazda made a perfect 50/50 recreation of the race car, and the road car, all in one package. Very cool stuff.

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