Learn the Differences Between the American and European Mustang

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from sitting in endless conferences, meetings, and presentations at Ford press-events, it’s that government regulations basically dictate the outcome of a car.

Take for example the Ford Mustang. This awesome and informative video by the guys at Car Throttle¬†does an excellent job at highlighting the differences between the Mustangs sold in the European Union, and the Mustangs sold in the United States. Some are rather subtle, but others not so much. Regardless, you’d have to really know what you’re looking for in order to spot them.

While I won’t spoil the video for you, most of the differences between the two are dictated by different government regulations. Details — like side-mirror housings, taillight and side marker colors, and even what kind of seats go into the European Mustang — are dictated by government agencies. Other major differences include power output, which actually comes down to British Mustangs being right-hand drive.

If you don’t believe that placing the steering wheel on the opposite side would affect performance, just watch and learn!

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