GALLERY: Cars & Casino Event at ICON Gives Riches to Orphans in Need

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History celebrates inventors like Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla, but recent automotive history celebrates reinventors. One of the top reinventors in the industry is Jonathan Ward, the mind behind ICON4x4.

Those familiar with ICON have undoubtedly been dazzled by how Ward can breathe new life into vintage FJs, Broncos and all manner of classics through his Derelict Projects, but in addition to giving automobiles a better outlook on their lives, he is also passionate about doing the same for orphans and underprivileged children.

Each year at his ICON workshop he hosts Cars & Casino to benefit the GO Campaign. In its 10 years since becoming a charity, GO Campaign has helped more than 80,000 children across 30 developing countries.

I recently attended the third-annual Cars & Casino, and as you’ll see by the amount of handsome metal on display, the cars at the ICON workshop we’re certainly doing their part to bring more awareness to kids in need.

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