Jersey Street Eats SUV Whole

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Old Drainage Pipes Lead to New Trouble for Hoboken Drivers

They’re not jokin’ in Hoboken, the street really is eating cars! The Jersey city has been dealing with a sinkhole that has grown big enough to swallow an SUV whole. Godzilla’s got nothin’ on this monster pothole.

According to local site NBC New York, the trouble started earlier this year with two successive reports of water main breaks. But it was the recent third report — the second this month — that got everyone’s attention.

Then, earlier this week, a water main break caused part of a busy Hoboken roadway to speedily deteriorate to the point that it stopped rush hour traffic in every direction on major roads. The city’s public transportation was temporarily sidetracked, too.

But what really put the city on edge is when the road opened up and swallowed an SUV whole! The entire vehicle was fully submerged in water for a brief period.

After the water drained, the local news captured some fascinating images of the devastation.

The fault behind the roadway nightmare in Hoboken seems to lie in the natural deterioration of the pipes beneath the city. Some Of the drainage pipes are 90 years old. The cost of repair is reportedly $50 million.

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